What is root

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What is root

In this article we will find out what Root access is, how to use it and why we need it. You can find ways of rooting on our website. Note that they may vary depending on the brand and model of your Android device. However, there are also general-purpose programs with quite a large base of supported devices, for example, Rootkhp Pro.

Rooting gives a full access to the Android system and a full freedom of action. You can edit and alter system configuration files, move and delete applications, including system and pre-installed by the manufacturer ones, manage the startup of system applications, automate processes.

What else you can do with Root:

  • One of the most useful features – block ads in apps;
  • Remove the on-screen buttons;
  • Transfer apps to the storage card;
  • Download Better Terminal Emulator or another terminal, and use the commands of Linux systems instead of the GUI;
  • Complete customization of your device, LED color adjustment and so on.

There are several types of Root

  • Temporary;
  • Permanent;
  • Shell (without access to the System folder).

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